Terms and conditions

The most of t-shirts are produced for your order. The production time is 14 working days. Delivery time is  about 3-6 days in European Union.

After ordering t-shirts, we will send you the pro-forma invoice. After registering  the payment on our bank account the production time starts.

Bellow you can find the cost of shipping to each country:

Details for payment:

Zgorzelecka Str. 19

Konto nr.
PL56 1140 2017 0000 4812 0023 5606

Terms and Conditions of using valid from 25th December 2014 is an online store managed by:

PH GEMAX Grzegorz Zieliński,

ul. Zgorzelecka 19,

PL59700 Bolesławiec,

NiP: PL6120010180

The company is registered under the number 5071 in local municipal government and is referred from this point as "GEMAX”.

1.        GEMAX manages the sale using website, which is also in the ownership of the company as well as other versions of this website:,,,,,,,,,,, All the websites from this point will be referred to as

Rules of registration

2.        Consumers can purchase the goods by creating a free account which will store all the activities in the store. The services provided by for the account are indefinite. The consumer has right to terminate the agreement with GEMAX for managing the account by writing a declaration of termination and sending it to GEMAX. This only applies when consumer has no pending orders, in the situation if the orders are pending the agreement will be terminated the day after delivery has been made.

3.        Consumer signs up to by completing registration form with the email address and password. GEMAX sends information about registration to the provided email address. The message will have the link to complete the registration in, by clicking the link the consumer enters the agreement with GEMAX to manage the account and provide services by GEMAX based on terms and conditions in this document.

Retail and wholesale sales

4.        GEMAX sales their products through in both retail and wholesale markets. Opening an account will give consumer right to buy products in retail prices. If the costumer wishes to open wholesale account a set of documents have to be provided to show that consumer has in fact company to sell the goods. The set of documents has to include active tax number in European Union. The decision of allowing using wholesale price list is in the power of GEMAX and GEMAX reserves the right to not give access and to withdraw the access from existing customers without giving reason.

5.        All the goods are new and free from any defects and are property of GEMAX. GEMAX has the right to use the logos of manufactures of bowling goods and has agreements with them to use the logos.

Ownership rights

6.        All the designs offered at are the sole property of GEMAX. Coping or reproduction without the knowledge of GEMAX is the breach of law and it might be in breach of agreements that GEMAX has with the manufacturers. GEMAX has the right to control the sales of the wholesale customers.


7.        All the prices for retail costumers are gross prices including VAT. For all the goods purchased a VAT invoice will be given which will arrive with the goods or can be emailed to the consumer to a given email address.

8.        All the prices for wholesale customers are net prices. For all the goods purchased a VAT invoice will be given which will arrive with the goods or can be emailed to the consumer to a given email address.

9.        GEMAX has the right to apply additional charge for use of credit card as commission for using this type of payment method


10.    All ordered products are dispatched by GEMAX who is using couriers company or mail services. There is an opportunity to collect ordered goods in the headquarters of GEMAX. The consumer has to pay the costs of delivery according to the pricelist which is attached to this terms and conditions. In the event the country is not on the list, GEMAX will give an individual quote before the order is processed. If consumers accepts the cost of delivery to unlisted country the order can be made using the email address:

11.    The cost of deliveries to countries in the European Union is fixed and it is based on the pricelist provided.

12.    The cost of deliveries to the countries outside European Union or countries outside customs union are only costs of transport. The total cost of the order can change based on the custom fee which will can differ based on different cases. The custom fee for the countries outside custom union or European Union is not in the price of the goods. All the custom costs and any other costs have to be paid by the customer. GEMAX has the right to prepare an individual quote for the orders to go outside European Union or custom union. After the order is accepted and it is paid in full then GEMAX will start processing such order.


13.    The agreement to purchase a product between consumer and GEMAX is a term contract. The term of contract is the time from the order to delivery. The place of processing the order is headquarter of GEMAX. The place of collection is the address given by the consumer, given that the right address has been given and the appropriate delivery charge has been applied according to GEMAX pricelist.

14.    The agreement enters the force when consumer has paid for his order up front and the money is considered received by The order has awaiting status before consumer has paid. If the order has not been paid up before 21 days, the order is considered cancelled by customer.


15.    The payment methods:

a)      Bank transfer for the GEMAX account – account number either given on the website or pro forma invoice.

b)      Card payments using a designated platform that GEMAX has an agreement with.

c)      Cash payment to the GEMAX account – account number given on the website.

16.    All refunds will be paid to the accounts that were used to pay for the orders.

17.    All cash refunds will be given to the person making the payment.

Processing time

18.    The production time and the processing time are 14 working days from the moment the money for the order was received. Then the order is sent to the consumer by GEMAX. The delivery time is approximately 2-7 working days and it depends on courier or mail service. The time for the deliveries in European Union should not exceed 7 days. For the orders outside the European Union the time is 14 days for package to arrive at customs. The customs and its time depend on the consumer.

19.    The time for the order starts counting from:

a)      The next working day after the payment for the goods was received. Before the payment is received the order has an awaiting character.

b)      The term agreement for delivery of goods between GEMAX and consumer starts from the day listed in section ‘a’ of paragraph 18 and after GEMAX confirmed the order.

20.    If an advance payment for an individual order was made the consumer has no right to withdraw the order, this does not affect other statutory rights.


21.    At the moment GEMAX is using GLS Courier Company or Mail. GEMAX has the right to change the delivery companies. In that event GEMAX will inform its customers about the change on the website.

22.    Customer has an obligation to collect the items from the courier company or mail during the times given by those companies. If the package comes back to GEMAX a delivery will be arranged and the client has to pay additional delivery costs. GEMAX will not refund the money for the delivery made to the address provided in the ordering form. Those costs are incurred by customers only and they are not subject to refunds. In this situation consumer has the right to collect the items for free from GEMAX headquarters. GEMAX will hold undelivered packages at its headquarters free of charge for 60 days, after that period uncollected packages and items will become property of GEMAX and are not subject to any refunds. Payments made for uncollected items will be classified as charge for storage of the package.


23.    The warranty on the products sold by GEMAX is 12 months. GEMAX is responsible for any defects of products and has statutory rights apply.


24.    Complaints can be made in writing including order number at the address:

PH GEMAX Grzegorz Zielinski

Zgorzelecka 19

PL 59700 Boleslawiec

Polska Poland      Tel: +48757326565

25.    GEMAX considers complaints in the 14-day period from the day complain was received. If GEMAX does not respond to complain in 14 days complain is considered founded. The cost of delivering items from consumer to GEMAX is incurred by consumer. The cost of delivering the item back to consumer is incurred by GEMAX.


26.    According to the law consumer has 14 days to return from the day the goods has been delivered. Consumer has the right to return goods without reason unless the goods are specified by law not to be subject to return policy.

This right does not apply in following cases but it is not limited to them:

a)      Consumer ordered a personalised product with his name or his logo.

b)      Consumer ordered a design or ordered design based on his own design.

c)      When the price of the product changes due to financial market fluctuations and this occurs before the order is realised.

Consumer should write a declaration of return "Appendix 1” to GEMAX using contact address below and sent unused products in the original packaging to GEMAX. The delivery cost from consumer to GEMAX is incurred by GEMAX at the cheapest rate offered by GEMAX and only this amount will be refunded.

The contact and return address:

PH GEMAX Grzegorz Zielinski

Zgorzelecka 19

PL 59700 Boleslawiec


27.    In case of return GEMAX has right to reduce the refund amount by the loss of value that product incurred during the period it was used by consumer or during the delivery process from consumer to GEMAX that was organised by consumer.

       Rules of processing orders

28.    Information on the website are not an offer in the understanding of law. Consumer who orders goods using mechanism on the website places a buy offer for the particular goods accepting terms and conditions.

29.    GEMAX can change the terms and conditions and introduce new services to Those changes come to life 7 days after they were published. Orders placed before introduction of changes will be handled on old conditions

30.    GEMAX has a right to decline to process a placed order in following cases:

a)      The order is too large for GEMAX to be able to fulfil it in the timeframe specified in those terms and conditions.

b)      To process an order GEMAX needs to purchase materials that are unobtainable for the company.

c)      The order has been placed from a country which GEMAX deliver packages to or in the case where GEMAX is not able to estimate custom fees and procedures.

d)     Consumer has breached the terms and conditions in previous orders.

e)      GEMAX has an exclusive distributor in the region- this only applies to wholesale market.

f)       If the owner of logos and brand asks GEMAX to not sell in the particular region or to particular client.

g)      If the customer made a partial payment for the order.

In this case all payments made to the GEMAX’s account will be refunded 7 days after order was declined.

31.    The order will be processed under the condition that all the details in the ordering form are correct. This include but its not limited to:

a)      Delivery address.

b)      Email address.

c)      Phone number.

d)     Details for VAT invoice.

32.    Terms and conditions in other languages than Polish have only illustrative purpose. All consumers have the right to translate those terms and conditions individually for their own language. Polish version is superior to all others and all cases will be interpreted according to Polish version of those terms and conditions. Polish version will be also only version to resolve any disputes between consumer and GEMAX regardless of the regional law.

33.    In anything not mentioned in those terms and conditions Polish law is correct.

34.    Any disputes taken to court will be resolved by court of law where GEMAX has its headquarters.

Protection of data

35.    GEMAX and ensure enforcement of consumer data under Data Protection Act. GEMAX and can process the data to complete the orders and to operate the shop. Consumer has the right to see his data and to modify it at any time. Consumer has the right to delete his data from the database, to do so a written declaration has to be sent to GEMAX.

Pricelist for deliveries

36.    The pricelist for deliveries is valid from 25th December 2014.